Testimonials: Comments from past Undergraduate students


Pfizer have been employing undergraduate placement students on 12-month placements for over 10 years.


Students go back to university after their placement with a wealth of valuable industry and life experience and are better placed to make decisions about the next stage of their studies and career plans.



Let the students speak for themselves:


My role working with the Pfizer Healthcare Hub: London and NHS Centre of Excellence in Healthcare Operations has been fascinating; understanding the UK healthcare system and applying this knowledge to partner with digital health companies. I’ve had the privilege to be involved in a wide range of projects and, with the support of my amazing managers, have been trusted with increasing responsibility in these projects as I have progressed over my 12 months at Pfizer. I have been challenged and encouraged to develop my written and verbal communications and to work cross-functionally across the business, enabling me to build up an extensive internal network. Through involvement in the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association and the digital health tech community I have extended my network externally and engaged with the wider life sciences sector allowing me to explore potential future career pathways. Additionally, the undergraduate cohort has provided endless laughs, support and enthusiasm that has 100% contributed to my amazing year. The people are what makes Pfizer and if the opportunity to become a part of Pfizer came up I would encourage any student to take it."


Pfizer Innovative Health Undergraduate


I have had the most wonderful experience working in the Human Resources department for my year in industry. Whilst on my placement I had the opportunity to work in two departments across HR which has enabled me to expand work on a wide array of transferrable skills which I will be able to use when I go back to university. The best part of working for Pfizer was that I was always treated like a full time employee. My team regularly asked for my opinions and I was responsible for my own projects. Pfizer has encouraged me to work to the best of my ability, and has supported me throughout the whole year. My team have been fantastic in both departments and this year has truly given me an insight into working for a large organisation, pushed me out of my comfort zone and I will be leaving with confidence in myself and my work. Thank you Pfizer."


Human Resources Undergraduate


I have thoroughly enjoyed my 12 month placement with DPD (Drug Product Design) in Sandwich.  My job role was perfect for me as I was able to incorporate and build on the skills I have learned in my first 3 years of university, as well as learning a wide range of new skills. My colleagues were incredibly supportive of me during my tenure, assisting me with any work related tasks, as well as helping me to progress my career through interview preparation for PhD projects.  Pfizer has given me many opportunities to network with the wider community, as well as making solid friendships with my colleagues. I always felt valued, and I could see the impact of my work through projects that I was responsible for, as well as contributing to the department through presentations, meetings and news articles. The placement year at Pfizer was the most rewarding year of my university experience, and I feel that it has set me up perfectly to make the next steps into a career within the pharmaceutical industry."


Drug Product Design Undergraduate


Working within Drug Product Supply at Pfizer has been a fantastic opportunity which I can reflect back on with nothing but positives.  My opinions were always valued and I was instantly considered part of the team; I cannot thank the department enough for making me feel welcome.  With a background in mathematics, the pharmaceutical industry was always daunting due to my lack of advanced Chemistry knowledge.  However, with excellent support from training activities and guidance from my supervisor, I was never at a disadvantage.  Upon returning to University, the problem-solving skills I have acquired during this year within informatics will help me to no end with my degree.  Being able to look at problems in an alternative manner, and trusting in my ability to develop results, will allow me to face my new modules head-on and with much more confidence than I have done in previous years.  I cannot recommend this placement enough to a future student; your work is truly valued and you also have the chance to network with so many experts both in Sandwich and the US.  It’s been a brilliant year, with an excellent manager, and I will take away so many fantastic memories and skills from my placement experience at Pfizer."


Drug Product Supply Informatics Undergraduate

My year in the Digital Marketing team at Pfizer has been a fantastic experience which completely exceeded all expectations. My confidence to lead on my own projects stemmed from the phenomenal training I received throughout the year and also the support from my amazing team. Digital Marketing was so much fun to work in as every day was different. Digital is so fast paced, so I was constantly being challenged and taking on new and exciting projects. Overall, my year has provided me with incredible memories and a wide range of new skills that I would not have learnt at university. I would recommend Pfizer to any prospective student seeking experience in this industry. "


Digital Marketing Undergraduate



Working in the EU Regulatory Affairs department at Walton Oaks as part of a cross-indication team has been a great learning environment. I have not only learnt technical skills specific to regulatory and other functions, but have also progressed my communication and presentational skills. This progression comes as a result of the time invested in the placement scheme by the regulatory colleagues and managers. The students are provided with support and guidance throughout the year and encouraged to develop their knowledge and to pursue specific interests. The network that you develop at Pfizer is also wide-ranging and you are able to meet and learn from many people who are experts in their field. The progress I have made and the lessons I have learnt throughout the year will prove invaluable when returning to university and for my future my career."


Regulatory Affairs Undergraduate

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